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Wind Turbines


Six miles Southwest of Medicine Bow, on the County road to Elk Mountain, is the former location of the World's Largest Wind Turbine, built by Hamilton Standard Co.. This was one of two built in the late 1970's and early 1980's, as part of an alternate energy research project, conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy's Bureau of Reclamation.

The second turbine, built by Boeing, was sold for scrap metal in 1987, and dynamited over.

The World's Largest Wind Turbine was privately owned, after being purchased on a bid from the government.


Wind Turbine


The Death of a Giant

After standing unchallenged for more than two decades, the last of the large wind turbines was knocked down by the company that now owns them. Apparently they tired of having this unique world landmark taking up space, and decided to destroy it rather than develop it as the tourist attraction it could have been.

Photos below courtesy of John Petrick, copyright 2002.

 Blown up wind turbine


Demolished Wind Turbine


With the death of this giant, comes the birth of a new turbine. You can learn more about the new Clipper Turbine. This project currently has a total of nine working turbines on it's property.

Current Wind Turbine Activity


Wind Farm near Medicine Bow Wyoming


There is a new wind turbing project currently being installed six miles to the west of Medicine Bow, along Highway 30. The plans are for 37 units to be installed by December of 2008. The remainder are to be installed beginning in the Spring of 2009, for a total of 78 units.

Several more wind projects are planned for the Carbon County area.

All photos in this section by Kevin Wheeler, September and October 2008.

Wind Farm West of Medicine Bow Wyoming
 New wind farm being built six miles west of Medicine Bow.

Entrance to Wind Farm Project
 Entrance of the wind farm project near Medicine Bow
Entrance to Wind Farm near Medicine Bow Wyoming
Close up view of some of the wind turbines in the new project
west of Medicine Bow

 Wind Turbines near Medicine Bow Wyoming
New wind turbines west of Medicine Bow.

Wind Turbine Generator
One of the generators on the way out to the new wind farm.
iGenerator on a flatbed
Another view of one of the generators. These things are about the size fo a medium sized motor home.

Generator and kids for size comparison
Our kids and our '92 Corolla to show the size of the generators at the wind farm six
miles west of Medicine Bow.

 A Length of wind turbine tower on a truck
A section for one of the wind towers. Parked outside of JB's in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

Section of wind turbine towner on a truck
Again, using our '92 Corolla to get an idea of the scale of the towers for the wind turbin project.

Another wind tower and generator
As I was taking pictures of the pieces of the wind turbines parked in Medicine Bow, another section arrived. The red pickup is a full sized pickup that just happened to go by at the time.